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The implementation of ServiceNow allowed Veolia to benefit from a unified platform for managing its IT operations.

Veolia - ESM Global Support

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For over nine years, ITEO has worked closely with Veolia to provide N2/N3 level support to its local IT teams. This lasting collaboration has led to the implementation of numerous projects aimed at improving the efficiency and performance of Veolia's IT services. Recently, ITEO implemented a ServiceNow implementation project for Veolia, an initiative to align local IT operations with the company's global service strategy.


Veolia was experiencing difficulties in effectively managing its incidents, service requests, changes and IT problems due to the lack of a unified solution adapted to their specific needs. The company needed a platform that would provide better visibility and optimized management of IT operations, while allowing informed decision making when it came to planning and allocating IT resources.


Thanks to the implementation of ServiceNow by ITEO, Veolia achieved the following results:

  1. Unified platform for managing IT operations: ServiceNow offers a centralized solution for managing incidents, service requests, changes, and IT issues. This facilitates collaboration between Veolia's various IT teams and allows for better coordination of efforts.
  2. Improving efficiency and service quality: Veolia IT teams can now manage incidents and service requests more effectively, thanks to better visibility and optimized processes. This results in a reduction in the time it takes to resolve incidents and an overall improvement in the quality of service offered to the company's customers.
  3. Optimized IT change management: ServiceNow allows Veolia to track and manage IT changes more effectively by providing comprehensive visibility into ongoing changes and their impact across the business. This helps Veolia minimize risks and avoid potential disruptions associated with these changes.
  4. Informed decision making: ServiceNow allows Veolia to make more informed decisions when it comes to planning and allocating IT resources. The reports and dashboards generated by the tool provide an overview of the performance of IT operations, allowing Veolia to continuously monitor and improve its processes and services.
  5. Alignment of IT operations with the global service strategy: The implementation of ServiceNow allowed Veolia to align its local IT operations with its global service strategy and business goals. This has increased the overall efficiency of the company and has made it possible to offer better service to its customers.

In summary, the implementation of ServiceNow by ITEO allowed Veolia to significantly improve the management of its IT operations and optimize its business processes. By providing a unified platform for managing IT operations, Veolia was able to improve the quality of its services and achieve significant efficiency gains.

  1. Strengthened collaboration between teams: ServiceNow facilitates communication and collaboration between Veolia's various IT teams, promoting faster and more effective information sharing and problem solving.
  2. Adaptability and customization: The ServiceNow solution implemented by ITEO was customized to meet Veolia's specific needs. This ensures maximum adaptability to business requirements and scalability to adapt to future needs and challenges.
  3. Continuous improvement: Thanks to the data and reports provided by ServiceNow, Veolia can monitor and analyze the performance of its IT operations. This allows the company to detect areas of improvement and to implement corrective actions to optimize its services and processes on an ongoing basis.

At ITEO, we are proud to have worked closely with Veolia to deliver this successful project and look forward to continuing to support the company in its IT operations in the future. The implementation of ServiceNow demonstrated the importance of a customized and adapted solution to meet the specific needs of a business and the added value that such a solution can provide in terms of efficiency, service quality and strategic alignment.

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