Our services


Our ServiceNow consulting service at ITEO includes a detailed audit and the creation of a strategic roadmap adapted to your needs.

We identify the key success factors that are critical to your digital transformation, such as aligning business goals with technological capabilities, engaging stakeholders, and implementing effective governance processes.

We also focus on training and developing the skills of your teams to ensure the successful and sustainable adoption of ServiceNow solutions.

Our approach aims to strengthen your operational efficiency, optimize the user experience and ensure continuous improvement, by providing you with all the tools you need to successfully navigate your digital transformation journey.


Our ServiceNow implementation service at ITEO is distinguished by our strength of proposal and our ability to advise and challenge the needs of our customers. By adopting ServiceNow's RAPID approach, we are committed not only to following best practices for agile and effective implementation, but also to actively rethinking the processes and solutions offered.

We work closely with our customers to deeply understand their goals and constraints, which allows us to offer innovative alternatives and continuous improvements adapted to their specific contexts.

Our approach includes personalized change support, aimed at preparing and supporting teams throughout the transition to ServiceNow, thus ensuring the successful adoption and smooth integration of new solutions into their daily operations.

Our goal is to maximize the impact of ServiceNow solutions, ensuring that they accurately meet business needs while opening up new opportunities for optimization and efficiency.


In our Experience offering, we focus on creating exceptional customer experiences using ServiceNow.

We apply expert methods in user and customer experience, integrating advanced UX/UI design principles, customer journey analytics, and mobile-oriented design to ensure optimal accessibility and efficiency on all devices.

Our approach aims to deeply understand the needs and expectations of end users through the creation of personas and the use of customer journey mapping techniques.

We develop omnichannel solutions that ensure a consistent and engaging experience, by facilitating interactions with IT departments and by improving customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to transform the way customers interact with your business, by providing rich user experiences that promote long-term loyalty and success.


Our support offer at ITEO, in close collaboration with ServiceNow, is designed to guarantee the Operational Maintenance (MCO) of your solutions.

We understand the critical importance of service continuity for your business. That's why our dedicated team provides 24/7 proactive monitoring and incident management, aimed at minimizing downtime and quickly resolving issues that may arise.

We also offer regular configuration update and optimization services to adapt to the evolution of your business needs and to the new functionalities offered by ServiceNow.

By relying on customized service level agreements (SLAs), our aim is to provide responsive and effective support, by anticipating and responding to technical challenges, to ensure a seamless user experience and keep your operations at their optimal level.

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