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Canal+ - ServiceNow Workplace Solution

The deployment of the ServiceNow CMMS solution by ITEO solved the problems identified by Canal+.

Canal+ - ServiceNow Workplace Solution

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Canal+ is a French audiovisual group that has a large real estate portfolio, spread over various sites in France. The management of maintenance and interventions for these buildings was previously complicated and poorly optimized, making it difficult to communicate between employees and partners. In this context, Canal+ called on ITEO to deploy ServiceNow's CMMS solution, a computer-aided maintenance management platform.


The main problem encountered by Canal+ was the inefficient management of the maintenance of their building stock. Manual processes were slow and unreliable, and communication between employees and maintenance partners was complex. Canal+ therefore wanted to implement a simple, mobile and interconnected solution to improve maintenance management and facilitate collaboration between stakeholders.


The deployment of the ServiceNow CMMS solution by ITEO solved the problems identified by Canal+. Here are the main results obtained:

  1. Creating a mobile experience: ServiceNow's CMMS solution is accessible from any device, allowing employees and partners to work more flexibly and efficiently, whether on site or remotely.
  2. Workplace ticket management: ServiceNow's CMMS solution allows you to manage and track tickets related to reported problems and on-site service requests, such as catering or room configuration. This provides greater visibility into workloads and makes it easier to resolve issues.
  3. Simplifying access to services: With a unified portal, employees can now create bookings, access maps, register visitors, and order services in just a few clicks.
  4. Automating manual processes: ServiceNow's CMMS solution made it possible to automate maintenance processes, reducing errors and response times.
  5. Improved visibility: On-site teams now have better visibility on interventions and maintenance requests, making it easier to plan and allocate resources.
  6. Integration with partners in France: ServiceNow's CMMS solution has been successfully integrated with Canal+ partners, thus strengthening collaboration and efficiency in managing the maintenance of the building stock.

In conclusion, the deployment of the ServiceNow CMMS solution at Canal+ by ITEO has greatly improved the management of maintenance and interventions for their real estate portfolio. Employees and partners now have a simple, mobile, and interconnected tool to collaborate effectively and optimize the use of the workspace.

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