Surround yourself with a team of enthusiasts.

Some numbers that represent us.

We love creating interfaces that delight customers and help businesses grow.

Date of creation
Sales growth
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Our mission is to simplify the business world.
We design relevant digital tools, based on our strategic partner ServiceNow, to enable us to develop the innovation and competitiveness of our customers.
We have developed an innovative ecosystem and entrepreneurial model that makes it possible to reveal talents and unleash creativity.

A tailor-made approach to create corporate experiences.

With creativity, we work together on the customer journey for a simple and pleasant interface.

Pure Player ServiceNow

As a Pure Player, all of our teams are dedicated to ServiceNow implementation projects in different industries.


Since our beginnings, we have specialized in business applications (CSM, industries, HR, PPM, FSM)


Strong UI/UX expertise to improve employee and customer adoption.


Regional coverage, present in Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Lyon.


Our organization is of the inverted pyramid type, with a high level of seniority of profiles (≈ 5 years of experience on ServiceNow).


A strong DNA, no subcontracting of consultants, promoting collective intelligence.

Feedback from the team

Because team members are the first ambassadors, here is some feedback, and do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

Working at ITEO means working in an environment that is both deeply caring and extremely demanding, where autonomy is essential and taking initiative is always valued in order to never put limits on our very high level of collective ambition.

Oumeima Dey

Beyond kindness, in my opinion, the strengths of ITEO are agility and the ability to overcome limits. Nothing is impossible here. From developing new innovative features that no one had ever thought of, to launching daring Business Applications in record time.

Nicolas Racchini

Kindness and team spirit at the service of ITEO's ambition: Getting up to perform in a team and develop skills, while having fun, is a real professional achievement!

Maori Benhassine