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France Travail - ServiceNow HR Solution

France Travail and the ServiceNow HR solution deployed.

France Travail - ServiceNow HR Solution

Key indicators


France Travail, the French public body responsible for employment, called on ITEO to deploy the HR solution from ServiceNow, a shared HR service center. This solution aims to respond to the requests of agencies spread throughout France, with more than 25 regional departments. The project was set up to simplify access to services, transform complex business processes into scalable services, engage employees wherever they are located, and facilitate hybrid work.


The objective of deploying the ServiceNow HR solution was to meet the following challenges:

  1. Simplify access to services and improve operational efficiency through simplified workflows.
  2. Streamline employee self-service and support through integrated experiences across digital channels.
  3. Facilitate hybrid work by providing a unified experience that promotes flexible work and boosts productivity.
  4. Transforming employee journeys by supporting employees and managers in their complex journeys across departments and by providing effective and personalized feedback and learning experiences in real time.


Following the deployment of the ServiceNow HR solution by ITEO, Pôle Emploi has seen significant improvements in several areas:

  1. Simplified access to services: employees now have access to a single and intuitive portal that brings together all the resources and information they need to carry out their missions.
  2. Improving operational efficiency: complex processes have been replaced by automated and streamlined workflows, reducing processing times and improving the quality of services provided.
  3. Employee engagement: ServiceNow's HR solution has strengthened collaboration and communication between employees, regardless of location, through integrated communication and information sharing tools.
  4. Facilitating hybrid work: Employees can now work in a way that is more flexible and tailored to their needs, thanks to a unified experience that takes into account the constraints of remote and in-person working.
  5. Transforming employee journeys: the solution made it possible to set up personalized paths for each employee, with real-time monitoring and adapted feedback, which contributed to improving their engagement and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the deployment of the ServiceNow HR solution by ITEO allowed Pôle Emploi to meet the challenges associated with human resources management and to respond effectively to the requests of agencies throughout France.

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